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Questions about Code World

What is it?
How can I get one?
What is the objective?
Who should get one?
What is the lingo?
Are there any applications in science or nature for Code World?
How do you create and solve puzzles?
What is a power ranking?
How do you play a game against someone else?
How do I find other people to play against?
How does one invent, develop, manufacture and bring something like this to market?
Can I see the instructions that come with Code World?


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Animation Explained

There are 120 ways that the glider can be positioned on the globe, all of them connected by no more than six moves. There are four possible moves that can be made from any position, creating a network of possible paths. This animation shows the basic movements of Code World from a single position. Move your mouse over the colored circles above to see how each of the four movements transforms Code World from this starting position. (lingo: the configuration shown above is yellow-purple of blue in green-red).

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