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The Rafiki Hall of Fame

It's not hard to recognize the historic nature of the Rafiki project now, but it has not always been this easy. In the beginning, it was really difficult to see just what Rafiki was up to and how important it would eventually become. ;-) Furthermore, individual contributions were invisible to the general public. To publicly enshrine for posterity these contributions, and encourage others to contribute, we've created the Rafiki Hall of Fame. There are two basic categories through which one might be rewarded by sticking their neck out on this flyer. First, inductees can be recognized for their contributions to the pop culture of Rafiki. Second, inductees can be recognized for their support or contributions to Rafiki's intellectual advancement.

Cultural Achievement

Deanna White

Deanna has been inducted for her creation of the famous Code World cake. This is not an easy construction from the standpoint of conceptualization, engineering and execution, and the cake was delicious.

I recommend to all husbands that they create some form of Hall of Fame into which they can induct their wives.

Oskar van Deventer

Oskar has been inducted for demonstrating the first genuine affinity for the concept of Code World. It's not enough to just 'like' Code World; Oskar has shown a partial obsession by prototyping it from a ping-pong ball. Oskar is a world-famous inventor of puzzles living in the Netherlands. When I told him that it would be a while before he could get one, he decided he 'couldn't wait' and made his own.

Incidentally, Oskar and Rafiki are now in collaboration on the Son of Code World, or Code World II. (Puzzlers all over the globe just let slip a gasp in excited anticipation.)

Jerry Slocum

Jerry has been inducted as the first person to formally request a Code World. Jerry qualifies for induction based on puzzle reputation alone, but he went above and beyond at the dawn of Rafiki. He is the undisputed puzzle expert, and he has the world's largest collection. He was generous with his time in coming to my house to render his opinion as to the uniqueness of Code World. He took the time to review his extensive files, and he selected the closest matches from several categories. Final analysis: Code World is a unique puzzle mechanism.

(Free Martha: she's being unjustly persecuted.)

Nature's Tapestry

The first web merchant to agree to carry Code World.

Little Green Men

Trevor Ward from Perth Western Australia emailed me this picture from the website of Lucy Pringle which demonstrates a 2005 crop circle from the UK that looks suspiciously like Rafiki's map of codons. Coincidence? We don't think so.

Intellectual Achievement

Mike McNeil

Mike has been inducted for his contribution of the famous subscripts that bear his name - the McNeil subscripts. Mike was wondering about the 'best' way to represent a 12-symbol code on a dodecahedron, and with his subscripts mike has neatly done this with only 4 symbols.

Marvin Solit

Dr. Solit has an extensive background in the study of geomtric principles and their application to a wide variety of areas. The Rafiki Map captured his imagination, and he began to apply his geometric insights to the genetic code. He has succeeded in finding unique and complex ways of extending the structure of the Rafiki map to larger geometric structures. Dr. Solit uses a variety of media to study these shapes, but his tool of choice is Zome. Perhaps his insights will one day be incorporated into our understanding of genetic translation and the folded structures of proteins

Dan Maki

Dr. Maki is a lifelong mathematician who has recently acquired an interest in bioinformatics. He is inducted for his open mind, patience and kind encouragement. An early adopter of Rafiki, he has yet to convert to full believer status. He is the first professional academician to convey optimistic skepticism toward the Rafiki doctrine.

Harold Morowitz

Dr. Morowitz is inducted as the first 'real scientist' to take the time to answer phone calls, emails and questions, and consider wacky ideas with an open mind. Seems trivial, but it's not. We cannot yet classify him as a Rafiki disciple, but a friend of Rafiki and contributor nonetheless.


Journal of Theoretical Biology

This journal is inducted as the first, and perhaps last journal to perform a formal review of Rafiki ideas. The submitted paper was rejected without review, or ignored by several less enlightened publications prior to this landmark achievement. Although the reviews (3) range from cordial to scathing, they are in fact longer than the actual writing, and for this Rafiki is grateful. The reviews are reflective of the author's very real inability to articulate scientific ideas, as well as the inability of the reviewers to understand the author's basic concept.

It is understandable that visitors will be enthusiastic about the very real chance that they too can be inducted into the Rafiki Hall of Fame. Incredible as it might seem, it's really not that hard. Points are awarded for creativity and commitment. Do not hesitate to contact us with ideas, or to get our ideas on how you might become an inductee.

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