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About Rafiki

Rafiki is a Swahili word for friend, and yes, it is also the baboon in The Lion King. A search of the word ‘Rafiki’ on the internet yields a bajillion hits, but there is really only one Rafiki, and this is it.

Rafiki, Inc. is an S-corp in the great state of Indiana. Our global headquarters are in God’s country, Bloomington, Indiana. Go Hoosiers.

No phony mission statement – our corporate goal is survival!

'The Board'

It’s hard to believe that this level of talent can be brought together in one place at one time. It was recently discovered, and later experimentally proven that the room temperature goes up ~0.007 degrees Fahrenheit when this group assembles, presumably from all the mental energy that circulates.

No egos, no titles.

Mark White

Formal book-learnin’ includes a degree in geology and a Medical Doctorate, both from Indiana University. Real-world learning includes several entrepreneurial ventures, including The Scores Channel, CapCard and The Moon Dog Software Club, Inc. (Great name and even better logo.) Mark has practiced emergency medicine for more than twelve years. Helped build a successful computer accessories company that made more mouse pads than we care to count. Loves golf, SCUBA diving, golf on TV and sleeping. Gets nauseated in small planes, especially when they spin around. Attempts to drive a 1964 thunderbird when the duct tape, chewing gum and automobile gods align. Family: lovely wife, Deanna (she’s too good for him) and four beautiful children, Logan, Carter, Chloe and Sophie Rose.

John Bender

Classic American “I don’t need no stinking school” entrepreneur. He was co-founder of Pizza Huts, Inc. Chairman of First Capital Management and Bender Lumber Company. Professional organizations, awards and accolades too numerous to list. Active in mind and body - never met a challenge he couldn’t handle and enjoy. A practicing optimist, as in someone who literally practices being optimistic. Loves bicycling and flying, especially small craft that spin around. Connoisseur of vintage auto and aircraft.

Mike McNeil

A native of California, moved to the Midwest to obtain a degree in Aeronautical and Astronautical engineering from Purdue University. Received a masters in Mechanical Engineering from UCLA, and finally a Juris Doctorate, cum laude, from Indiana University. Mike has worked for McDonnell Douglas as a satellite systems designer, pulling duty on the infamous Strategic Defense Initiative (Star Wars) making him a real-life ‘rocket scientist.’ Mike was initially with the largest, most prestigious patent firm in Indiana, but opted instead for sharing a cozy law partnership in Bloomington with his lovely wife, Kitty (she’s too good for him). Mike practices patent law while Miss Kitty practices criminal defense law, and remarkably all of her clients are indeed innocent.

Sam Ardery

An undergraduate degree in religion from DePauw University offsets a Juris Doctorate from Indiana University. ‘The spiritual side of Rafiki.’ A former deputy prosecutor (defender of good vs. evil) and has spent the last 19 years practicing commercial litigation, now as partner in the law firm of Bunger and Robertson in Bloomington, Indiana. Participated in authoring several books, and aided in minting fresh new lawyers at Indiana University School of Law (good thing?). Favorite jazz album: the new one by Bad Plus. Latest book read: Traveling Mercies by Anne Lamott. Blue: favorite color. American Pie: favorite song (all time). Favorite movie: The Accountant (hey, Ray). Movie star: Paul Newman. Salad dressing: same. Favorite line from favorite movie: “That Billy Bob, he’s the real deal. Ain’t he?” Favorite wife: current and only (natch). Favorite daughter: “whichever of the three that likes me at a given time.” Sport: golf. Contact sport: bowling. Favorite job: country music disc jockey at 97.1 your country cuzin' from Shelby County.

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