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About the Rafiki Website

I get a lot of questions about graphics and computer tools, so I put information about the most frequently asked questions here for easy access.


The most frequently asked question is, “how do you do your 3D graphics?” I use a variety of tools and techniques. Mostly I rely on a rendering program from Caligari called TrueSpace. I started using it in the “SE” version about 10 years ago for custom software animations, and I’ve gotten up to version 4.1, but I don’t see a need to upgrade beyond that at this point (unless Caligari wants to offer me a promotional “trial version” in exchange for this free plug.) As far as learning curves go on stuff like this, this one’s not too steep. It’s a lot of fun, and a useful talent for a lot of different things.

Equally important, in my mind, are raster and vector graphics. I use Adobe Illustrator 10, and Adobe Photoshop 7. I just upgraded (Illustrator from 4.1 after 12 yrs!). However, for blue collar, everyday raster file handling and quick editing you can’t beat JASC Paint Shop Pro (Still using version 5). I love that program.

I’ve used Fireworks a little, but I’m a relatively old dog with little patience for new tricks.

Clip Art

I generally make my own art, but I have used a lot of Clip Art in my life (going back to the ‘70s). Usually, it is an unpleasant experience for me, but there is a fabulous web-based clip art www.clipart.com that I found to be a real dream for what I need.


I prefer sans serif fonts. I don’t know why, I just always have. My favorite is Arial, and I tend to pick bigger ones because I don’t read so good. When I must use a serif I like New Century Schoolbook. Let me know if anybody wants the font CSS for this website.


Microsoft Word 2000
Adobe In Design 2.0
Macromedia Dreamweaver MX (This is my first attempt at authoring a website) I’ve never tried anything else, but I highly recommend this product.


Very little HTML, and unfortunately, I’m stuck in VB 3. I know I need to bite the bullet and move forward, but who has the time? I’m going to need some dynamic pages soon, so VB.NET is probably inevitable. Gag, puke, seize.

Web Hosting

Currently with Interland. Got the full Monte E-Commerce Blue Halo package. First experience here as well, I’ll keep you posted.

Computer System

PC clone: AMD DURON 1.3 GHz, RAM 256MB, Win XP

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